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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Episode 53 - Harvey Mazinke, Part 1

Harvey Mazinke influenced curling as a player and a builder.  Growing up in Manitoba, Harvey reached the Brier in 1964 with Bruce Hudson, but moved to Saskatchewan a few years later.  Eventually he built a team of Billy Martin at third, George Achtymichuk at second and Dan Klippenstein at lead.  In 1973 they broke through to win the Brier in Edmonton.  The reward was a return trip home to Regina for the World's where an unbeaten record was spoiled by a loss to Sweden in the final game.  In Part 1 of our conversation, Harvey talks about that championship game and how an alarm clock may have changed the outcome.  He explains his role as the first player representative for the CCA and shares details of the change in Brier sponsorship from Macdonald Tobacco to the Labatt Brewing Company in 1980. Harvey also gives new insight on why Brier stones during the 1970s were such a dilemma.

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